Washing Windows

Washing Windows(Draft 1)

She asked me why
window-washers wear harnesses

I said for their loved ones.

She giggled,
“I don’t love you.”

So I took it off,
pulled her out of the window
and we both fell to our deaths.

One of us went to Hell.

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “Washing Windows

    1. Thanks so much because just today i was watching them wash a window on a tall building and I thought about everyone and everything.

  1. I thought this one was sad, made me feel lonely because of the separation when only one went to hell at the end. Maybe she was joking if she said ‘I don’t love you’ but was giggling at the same time…seems kind of like a tragic misunderstanding? In any case, I hope no one falls from any windows, I hope everyone wears their harnesses and makes it home safe to their loved ones.

    1. Yes, it’s easy to misunderstand a tease if someone is feeling down. And I think there is no hell, but forgiveness. Seems like at some level every bad thing is a misunderstanding. Wish there were a way to fix it. Everyone is afraid and needs power to protect themselves they feel, but everyone can’t be in control at the same time.

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