Let me give myself soon to you, because
I am waiting too long to be in you, and
you in my eye and touching my eye drops.

I don’t know if
it could be raining.


Waiting for the table
to be turned.

Doing the practice drill:
hiding under the table.

A proposal on the table.

Maybe table it.


Waiter and waitress.

A lottery, a fortune
a twist.

Waiting for the tables to be turned.

Give me the words
of the heart song throbbing
and sobbing “we”, and

I will see our rainbow
every time you thunder,
and reign on us with blossoms.

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. I loved the whole poem. I love all the new poems you’ve posted. I wish I could write something beautiful! I loved how you used the wait words together…you’re always so clever.
    Oh guess what? They made a new worlds longest pizza!! It made me think of you and your book..

    1. Thanks. Usually those very hot ovens mean that you don’t have to wait too long to be served a pizza. But I notice there are no people there and so must be behind a police barrier or something until everything is ready.

    1. That’s OK. It looks good. The book sort of left that as a cliff hanger. Maybe the pizza will be finished in the next book.

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