Love would be the color of my heart, if
I’d been seen, and if I’d be loved in
the tone of your symphonies.

There’d be red drums like
blue thunder loud, but I’d
cushion your cute ears, because
I’d want you to hear my labial colors
like notes written for your open lips

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Color

  1. Your love is one of the most beautiful colors. I like the colorful, musical tone.This one has a sexy feel to it too…it’s always nice to read a new poem from you. I wish I could get back into writing again. I think my Waitress job sucks my creativity away. It’s a little depressing at times, and unhealthy for a writer to never be able to write…

  2.     I love your rainbow responses. I think this one was in response to someone who asked, “how do you describe a color to a blind person.”
        Yes, I think it is unhealthy for a writer to never be able to write, and unhealthy for one who feels unloved to never have heard the words of the heart song throbbing and sobbing “we”.

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