Sing Me

Sing Me

Take my hand and
we will walk until

you are high with me
and I with you, only

Let me
seek you in my mind
and hear your
magic music, because

you have thought to me,
“I understand.”

And I thought,”Angel
sing me your song
and I will join you.”

Take me.
We have music.

— Douglas Gilbert


Twist Me

Twist Me

I know it’s many
and I don’t count

This is not right
that I should die like this
unnumbered, unknown

but maybe I
could have a
voice of inspiration.

I have no television station
to promote me, if that’s
what they call it nowadays

I don’t know how to
call out as if I
were a tornado of thought

give me my twist, please

— Douglas Gilbert



I don’t know what it is
I could give you —

I just feel like I have
a snippet of a nipple feeling
that would give me milk, and

if I could be your baby
then wouldn’t we

love us so much
like sky, and if

we are blue, I want us
to be a rainbow
that spits glory spray

— Douglas Gilbert

You Don’t Dance

You Don’t Dance

You don’t take the soul
I gave you, even though
I said I love you, and

you haven’t kissed me
lately and the night
is very lonely.

Dance with me. I
have a rhyme spin. I know

a Knight you wanted, but
I have no armor that’d be
against you

and you unpeel me
as if I were a speckled banana.

No you don’t know me,
never taken what I offer.

No, you don’t take my soul
even though I gave it freely, no.

You don’t love me
even though I crave you
even though I’m of you.

So, if I am so-so
and you are tango, then I

will be a Samba, all
fluid hips and spin, if

only you’d take me
to heart somber nightly
waiting for the dawn, and
the rise of us in joy

when I laugh into
your giggle

— Douglas Gilbert


Nested (Draft 0)

My professor D. says
poetry is dead,

no niche for
Nietzsche either

and he should know
’cause he stole it

like a pigeon
on the edge of
an alleged ledge

for hawks
to be eagles
seeing prey pray

Armageddon deux
with feathers

— Douglas Gilbert