The Blog That Would Destroy the World is now available. It’s a blog novel but there’s some poetry in it. Some of the poetry is disguised because most people think they hate poetry because they were forced to read classics in school. Many people were bludgeoned with abstract analysis and commanded by their teacher to like it to no avail. This book you may like if you wish. Your choice. Take a look.


2 thoughts on “The Blog That Would Destroy the World

  1. Hmm, on the main page the picture is too big. But here in the comments section it fits better. I don’t know what I did — it should have been small enough. The size was OK on twitter and formatted tiny. I guess here I’ll have to edit it by hand or something. Maybe I’ll do it on the next post…

    1. I love the description…what an attention grabbing new title! I hope billions of people buy your book and your the new top writer that everyone talks about. Amazing stuff!

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