Sometimes when I go fishing
I catch fish. Last time
a lot.

decided to sell, so
I went to the fish market
to see how they do it.

He said, “How many pounds do you want?”
I said, “None. I’m selling not buying”
He said, “Stop fishing.”

I went to the market to sell books.
She said, “Go fishing.”
He said, “Go fly a kite.”

What am I supposed to do
with books on how to
fly a fish, and
fish a kite out of water
with a catfish and a hook?

3 thoughts on “nevermind

    1. Thanks and sweet dreams. Words have heavy wings of lead, but the haze of dreams has feathered phrases with chirps and cherries as commas, and periods sounding the drums.

      1. Thank you, I wish life were as sweet as my dreams are sometimes. I love your new poem, it seems very much like a riddle…I always love when poems make me think more in depth about them, even if I don’t always get exactly what the meaning was I do love the way it stimulates my imagination. Your reply sounds almost like another poem with the chirps and cherries and drums.

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