So dinner did not go so well,
’cause I forgot you’re allergic
to the redness of tomatoes.

The emergency room
is not very romantic. I’m

Oh God, I
don’t know
what to do.

They hooked you up
to a heart monitor, and

really you must believe
I’m not trying to kill you, but

I was staring at the graph, and
you asked me how it looked.

I said, “it looks normal
don’t worry.” — I’ve
seen those heart graphs,
and it was beautiful, but

you reached for a hug, and
I leaned into your bed.

You hugged me so tight, and
I kissed you.

I looked up at the monitor, and
the pulse rate was off the charts
and God only knows the
blood pressure graph didn’t look right.

I cried silently with tears, and
I said I should go.

I had been waiting all night
for them to treat all the
stab wounds of the gang fight, but

I can’t stand that you
are so low on the triage scale

but the nurses are so glad
that at last I leave the
emergency room, because

when you hugged me
the graph went wild, and

they are afraid I will too.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Emergency

  1. Oh my gosh! This is romantic, I love it! Well, I don’t think I would love being stuck in the emergency room after dinner but still it is kind of romantic that someone would want to be in the emergency room with me, making the graphs go wild with kisses and hugs. I’m a little concerned about the stab wounds from a gang fight. What happened there?! I think this poem seems very dream like…It reminds me that I should start writing down my dreams again. I can’t believe I missed this. I’ve been checking my wordpress from the app on my phone and it must not be updating the new posts. I signed on through the computer this morning and looks like I’ve been missing all sorts of stuff…
    Oh Happy Valentines day!!!

    1. Thanks. Many years ago, I waited in the Emergency room with a friend for 14 hours until they could treat her because they were so busy. They finally got her a room. First we waited on chairs inside an emergency room hallway where the stretchers go by from the ambulances & we waited for an examining room,& waited for a bed inside the emergency area & the police were in and out guarding people… Anyway, it’s all a blurr now and I don’t remember all the details…
          Yeah, writing down dreams can be helpful for writing.

      1. I bet she was glad to have you with her. The Emergency room is awful! When my appendix ruptured I waited out in the emergency room’s waiting area for about 6 hours before they finally got me into the triage area. they put me in a wheelchair when I came in because I couldn’t even stand up (the pain was so bad). I was going in and out of consciousness. It’s so ridiculous how long they make you wait. The problem is people who don’t have insurance or can’t pay, can not be turned away for service in the ER so they clog up the flow with things like pink eye and common colds/ flu. Hopefully now that more people have insurance they can go to immediate care centers and it will help the wait time for real emergencies in the ER…

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