Snow Brain

Snow Brain

Snow down —
down day

down under down pillow
don’t want to hear the wind anymore

blanket me no more with sorrow
let me hide under a comforter
duvet or you

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Snow Brain

  1. I think that would probably be the best way to spend a snow day. Snuggled up under a warm blanket, nice and cozy close…
    So how much snow did you end up getting? I think we got a whole 4 inches! I was off work and everything because they were expecting it to be much worse. Of course, I did enjoy my extra day off, so I’m not really complaining or anything…

    1. We got 26 inches. I think that if it were Zawmb’yee talking, she’d make it a contest and she’d say, “I win, I win!” You’re lucky — there was more snow all around you — and some people in Pennsylvania got stuck in their cars on a highway for 20 hours. The e-book is finished and I submitted it — I hope there are no major errors. If there are, I’ll have to redo it before they will publish it on amazon and the others.
      I guess getting off work is almost like when you were a kid and got off from school. Celebration! and sledding and snowmen and snow angels. I like that panda bear rolling in the snow that they showed on TV. He seems to like something about getting the snow on his head or it’s some kind of special panda gesture in praise of snow delight.

      1. You do win! That is a whole lot of snow. So I guess you’re just takin it easy and keeping warm inside til they get it all cleaned up? It’s already melted here. Yeah, the storm moved just south of us…luckily we just got the top edge of it but if you drove South a couple of counties they had much more. We didn’t even play in the snow this year, but I did get a bunch of laundry and house cleaning done! Made a couple dust angels on top of the piano, haha….
        People were stuck in their cars in London Kentucky too! They had emergency vehicles bringing snacks and gas to stranded people. I would be so scared if that happened to me…those poor people.
        I saw that Panda video! So cute the way he was rolling around in it. Maybe the ancients from Panda culture thought the snow was a sign that the bamboo would be plentiful in the upcoming year or something like that.

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