In a Posh Elevator

In A Posh Elevator

FROM: The Murder of Asperger’s Last Poet: The Poetry Legacy – Kindle edition by Douglas Gilbert.
ebook — Amazon

For Christmas
I’ve shouted a poem
on a street corner
because I have no stage presence
except desperation, awkward
where I hear passersby say,
what’s he doing, and
only my sign clues them in, and
they say, oh it’s poetry, but
I’m taking my frozen
spicy chicken home –
haven’t had such luxury
in a while

I’ve ducked into the posh department store
because I need to find
a bathroom
a single urinal
for the piss of a poet

I could have taken
the stairs to the third floor, but
thought I’d be posh
be nonchalant in an elevator
as if I’d buy gold things

The elevator jams,
stopped, of course, with me
and a pregnant lady in a crowd
of indifference

I’ve got my frozen chicken
which says, fully cooked
and none of us will starve

Into labor –
I’ve heard of this

Natural easy birth –
I’ve heard of that

Everyone who
could be sued, has
turned away

I am reaching in
beyond what is proper

I push my hands
into her vagina
in an indecent way

It is a breech birth
and I must
turn the child around

I am so full
of blood and sorrow
that the child cries
but I am not
turned around

I am sick, and
only glad
the paramedics have arrived
and I can get to the bathroom
before security
throws me out
for not buying any gifts

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “In a Posh Elevator

  1. This is an old one, but I never fixed(or never saw the spelling mistake): It’s “breech” and not “breach”. But of course both are correct as far as spell check knows just like “to”, “too”, and “two”. I don’t know what happened this time but the “featured image” option didn’t work.

    1. I’ve always loved this one…what a messy predicament to be caught in. Not your normal Christmas time problem at all! I guess I always just thought it was spelled breach for some reason and never questioned it. It’s not a word I’ve studied much I suppose. Anyway nice to read it again…

      1. Thanks for the compliment. It’s nice to have the reinforcement. I couldn’t remember if this one went well or not. I’m glad I kept it pretty vague because I tried to look up breech birth and it’s very complicated and couldn’t find a clear answer what is done in the worst case when an emergency c-section can not be done, and various turn-around maneuvers were not clear. I think that’s why I wanted to delete it originally.

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