Some Much Curly

We were walking, we were looking
and I saw how you curled your smile for me, and
oh you are so cute when you flirt, throw back your curly hair,
do your laugh as if I’d not notice how beautiful you are, but
many things I notice about you, many things I love

If I had a voice I’d sing, and
I think you know that I will
make you a Lasagna with
every spice I can find, because

I want to bake our love with sauce

Yes many recipes and

I save these many tomatoes for you,
not to throw but to savor you

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Curly

    1. Oh yes, I forgot about those nasty fruits and was just thinking about metaphors. I had just gotten some vine ripened things with the vine attached and they were sweet where usually the ones they sell are tasteless. It’s an odd thing that tomatoes because they have seeds are actually a fruit and not just a “vegetable”, but anyway there a lots of other things that are interesting to taste. I think next time I’ll try something different. Actually, I hate that they only promote the “usual things”.

      1. Tomatoes do work well as metaphors…
        I’ve got a bit of a cold coming on and I don’t like it. I always get emotional when I don’t feel good. ick! Achoo!

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