Running With Struthious Feather

It behooves you to be struthious
if you’re afraid of heights. Tell
the truth and run, run, run. ’cause

sometimes parachutes don’t work, and
not every car has a sunroof to look out
or a big bird to talk to about letters home

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Running With Struthious Feather

  1. I’m not too fond of heights, but only because I can not fly. I think if I had working wings, then heights wouldn’t be nearly as intimidating. But in any case, telling the truth is a good thing…even if it makes you feel as if you should run (most times I don’t think the running is needed though).
    Oh, guess what?! My little finches are back! All of them and their new babies! I guess maybe they were watching their young in the nest? And maybe when they dug the ditch up it scared them? The babies are following their parents to the feeders and fluttering their wings begging for food, it’s too cute. It seems awfully late for the babies to just now be leaving the nest though…they must’ve had a late breeding season this year.

    1. Hooray the finches are back and they can fly unlike the ostrich. I think it proves that they’re not ostriches. If they didn’t get off the ground there would be some doubt, and maybe they might be a new breed or sub-species of mini-ostrich. I hope they don’t have long necks or odd feathers and I assume from your descriptions that they are less than 9 feet tall.

      1. I’m not sure my finches would be considered “cute” if they were 9 feet tall! (giggling) My deck railing would probably be smashed and I’m assuming they’d probably want me to feed them something bigger than thistle seed. Although mini-ostriches do sound adorable…I wonder if they’d like thistle?

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