Labyrinthine Ostrich Dances

Labyrinthine Ostrich Dances

In truth some struthious ideas
born in a bureaucratic maze
can’t fly above twisted false narratives
that hide from all the verities, these

saucy ideas can’t fly when out to lunch,
vermin tangled in vermicelli

— Douglas Gilbert

2 thoughts on “Labyrinthine Ostrich Dances

  1. Poor ostriches, I often wonder if they wish they could fly. Perhaps they would have better luck if they straightened their necks and false narratives out? Hmm…vermin in vermicelli isn’t too appetizing. Though I do very much enjoy saucy ideas…

    1. Thanks. I had never heard of the word, but I saw it in an old Style book that I had to buy when I took the one required English class. I still don’t quite understand it, but it explained when to uses quotes. He said not to put quotes around a strange word but to use italics or underline for the word, and quote marks for the definition. He used struthious in an example. I had to go to the big dictionary to find it — the pocket one didn’t have it and I see now that spell check doesn’t accept it, although the Bronx Zoo does.

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