Eating Cat

Cat Meat

We poor little finches hate that
they’ve made drainage ditches.

We think it’s just silly construction
because you have no feathers, and

you don’t know how to fry seeds,
or roast a cat with mayonnaise.

I think there might be a road
where an Opera had feathers

and you could sing me
my ultimate fluff, and

I’d like to make a new fashion
in honor of my sister who
was tortured to death
by a feline fiend

— Douglas Gilbert

7 thoughts on “Eating Cat

  1. Poor little finches…I don’t think they’re going to feel safe til the grass starts to grow back! I’ve seen one or two stop by quickly for seeds but they are not liking the landscape changes. Maybe I should learn how to fry the seeds for them. I’ve baked pumpkin seeds before…maybe a similar method would work for the thistle? I think they’re mostly vegetarians…well besides the ones that are out for revenge against those who tortured their sisters, of course. I liked the title…

    1. Thanks. Too much uncertainty when things change. And I just realized how I don’t actually want to know the truth in detail. I found a recipe on the internet for cooking cats. i did not like the description of how to actually “skin the cat.” So gruesome but I suppose if there was nothing to eat, you’d have to do it. Sometimes I really hate the truth. I remember how when I was a kid I thought “Tongue” was just the name for a sandwich. That was fortunate because we ate tongue quite a few times and I liked the taste when I didn’t know what it was. I could not conceive that it was an actual Cow’s Tongue. The thing is huge and now I wonder about the expression of a “cow lick.”

  2. Whoa, there’s seriously a recipe for cooking cats?! I’ve heard that in other parts of the world it’s a normal thing to eat cats and dogs…I don’t think I’d be able to skin the poor cat or any other animal for that matter. I’d probably be too sick to my stomach to be able to eat anything after that! If I had to hunt/kill/skin my own meat I’d probably just be a vegetarian, I know it’d be too much for me. I’ve never tried cow tongue before (not sure that I’d want to). I looked it up and it is huge, looks like it would be tough and chewy? My grandma used to cook chicken livers quite often…
    Oh, I have a cow lick (right where I part my hair!) But i don’t think I was really licked by a cow, haha!

    1. It’s so weird but when I was a kid we just ate this thing and I never even thought the word meant any thing. My Mother just cooked this big piece of meat. Now it’s much too expensive. It used to be cheap, and now it’s astronomical. I don’t know what happened. You used to be able to go to the store and get a corned beef, pastrami, or tongue sandwich like it was routine… nothing special at all.

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