A Bridge

A Bridge

Where can I go
when you can’t ever know me

It wouldn’t be fair to tell you,
to let you drown in tears
though I know you love the rain

There is a bridge I can run under
when thunderstorms reign, but still
I always wonder if I can go anywhere without you

There’s an empty meadow
where I go to scream, but
I wouldn’t mind if you overheard me

And I might dry your wet face
and ask you how you are

There’s a bridge in the rain
we could run under, and
we might cry if you don’t mind

but I think we could walk to laughter after.

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “A Bridge

  1. Oh I remember this one, it’s beautiful. I remember thinking it was mysterious; maybe one day you’ll fill me in on the secret since it leaves me wanting to know more. I like the way you use reign and rain in this one too. I don’t think tears are too bad if there’s laughter to follow…

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