Now is Now

Now Is Now

Oh you’re in the now now
umm bump me
’cause i feel like a collision.

Oh yeah we have collided in love
like a bang in a thunderstorm

because when I stumbled upon you
you reigned on me like a
benevolent Queen and
made me feel the King in me.

Oh Zawmb’yee Nuje,
let us return to the palace

but be humble We
and be like rain.

— Douglas Gilbert
Now is now

7 thoughts on “Now is Now

  1. Another new poem by you? What a wonderful day! This is awesome.
    Bump! I like the colliding in love, it seems like a type of collision that would be welcomed. I also liked the Queen and King part. You do seem rather royal with all of your beautiful words and amazing creative ideas. The reigned and rain worked well together…Is this one inspired by a song too? It seems very rhythmic like it could be danced to.

    1. Yeah, I added it. They were talking on the internet about how they’re not teaching cursive writing anymore in some schools. They’re only learning printing, because they assume all the kids have computers and will only be typing in the future. I don’t like composing on the keyboard, and printing is very slow if you’re writing by hand. Script is a lot faster. Although it did take me forever to write neatly. I guess I’m out of practice. I used to always write neatly but now I scribble a lot. I hate that I’ve lost my form and made new bad habits like doing some loops backwards, but I’m glad I can still remember how I used to do it. I don’t like how I’ve become angular in my fast writing. I used to have nice round letters. Now I have to strain to do that. I guess I’ve gone from happy optimistic script to angry pessimistic scribbles or something. Maybe my old writing was Dr. Jekyll and the new scribble is Mr. Hyde.

      1. They don’t teach cursive anymore in my son’s school system. I’ve actually been thinking about teaching him it myself. Though it might be a bit of a challenge for me since he writes left handed and I write right handed. But I think it’s an important skill to have. How are these kids going to sign their name? I mean, even though you can’t read my name very well when I sign my name in cursive at least I have my own signature. I also realized lately that my hand muscles are much weaker than they used to be. I used to be able to write whole pages without my hand cramping and now I feel the muscle twinging after a paragraph (I should really give my hands some exercise more often).

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