Zawmb’yee I Love You

When I Say to You My Everything

Oh Zawmbee
please conceive me,
you know just how
to believe me

And when I say
that I love you

how could anything
be wrong, oh yes, oh yeah.

Zawmbee warmbee,
know me by my gut
and by my soul, oh
that you know me.

Conceive of me
in your dreams, and
I will come to be

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Zawmb’yee I Love You

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love it, nice to see a new poem. I think it could even be a song if there were a tune that you liked to go with it. Although a lot of your poems are very song like and rhythmic. Anyway, Zawmbyee loves Doug too…I’m sure she dreams of him all the time but this is interesting with the “conceive of me”. As if imagining/dreaming could make it more real? Sometimes when I’m having a beautiful dream I wish I could just sleep all day…

  2. Thanks. I was thinking of the melody “Oh Darling” by the Beetles. I’ll have to look it up and make sure there are no phrase duplicates. I don’t think there are. The melody came out of nowhere and I kept thinking about it like a stuck commercial, so I wrote the poem.

    1. That’s a great song, I love the Beatles…I grew up listening to them. Sometimes I get Beatles songs stuck in my head from out of nowhere and sing it the rest of the day. A couple weeks ago I was singing Honey Pie over and over…

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