Nujxameu (Draft 1)


When the flower is fresh,
beautiful in the ground

enjoy its perfume, but
do not pluck it like a string
or pick it out into a vase, just

let its seeds be made with
the pollen of destiny, for
the bee is only the matchmaker,
not the lover; behold the lure, but

He, the pollen grain is the
the Prince from afar.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Nujxameu (Draft 1)

    1. Thanks. I like the typo’s. A price to be paid for the Prince from afar. And the “words flower along together so nicely.” Ooops, unless you did it deliberately and then very clever.

      1. (giggling) I’d like to claim that I was that clever because I really like the flower along but I was reading on my phone, laying in bed and I wanted to go ahead and say something about your poem without having to go sit at the table where my laptop was. My phone says some silly stuff sometimes. It’s always changing words around; it changes car to cat almost every time I type it, it’d be funny if we all rode around on cats. It also adds random s’ to things like I’ll say “How does that sounds?” and it types the word ‘ghost’ every chance it gets…

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