Spiral Dreams (Draft 2)

Spiral Dreams

(She waits.)

Uncle is executor,
Father is deceased and desisted,
no venom spitted or spoken anymore.

Wills are wily spirals
provocative of thought,
property vehicles conveyed oddly,
a conditional grant to dreams

(She waits.)

In trains of thought, I’ve
inherited a nightmare,
a dream: a bed, a
mansion, a train.

There’s a subway train
in this mansion gone odd
that Uncle once took.

It spirals down the ballroom
inner walls of this estate,
down into the basement, down
beyond, a transit into bedrock

Perhaps, a destination
for wills can be found.

Sometimes in dreams
I called out, “Uncle come save me.”
But he’d be busy, be
too busy for nightmares
and antagonists
who extrude into the day
like snakes with vitriol
and spit.

Mom was glad
the snake was dead,
the will was read. Tickets punched.

Dad had killed himself because
a money elixir failed. He
had no potion to remember
how to love us, only remembering
pain and abandonment, he,
a seed of hope, flushed out
in a thunderstorm, never
to grow into a tree, he,
only washed away
in a river of mud, and
at dawn only fog.

There’s a secret subway
here few know that runs
beneath the river, and
spirals up into woods
where though it’s forbidden
she waits with flowers in her palm
and with underground-kisses
to be given away

on the lips of a destiny
waiting to kiss, it’s

the last subway stop,
at will
all granted.

— Douglas Gilbert

2 thoughts on “Spiral Dreams (Draft 2)

  1. I love it…though I always love your poems and writings huh? It goes along wonderfully with some of your latest blog entries.
    I love “on the lips of a destiny waiting to kiss”, so romantic! I like the secret subway and flowers in palm too. Always so nice to read your newest words.
    You know, it has me thinking how sad it is that so many people are affected by their parents the way they are. It’s like even after their parents are gone they’re still affecting their lives in negative ways. I hope I’m enough…I mean, I hope that my son doesn’t feel resentment or as if he were lacking love (or anything at all for that matter) when he is older. I try so hard but I do worry since he’s growing up without a Dad…

    1. Thanks. Well, you’re a very supportive and loving person so I think you’ll do OK with your son. Sometimes it’s worse with a Dad. Mine was critical and angry all the time(which was probably what was done to him). But anyway, there are positive male role models in the world.

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