Court Jester

Court Jester

They say you are dead in battle
but I don’t believe it, it’s
not official to cry yet.

Dear, you can’t be gone, I miss you, I’m sorry
I left you with a mean word; I wish
I gave you the gift I saved for you.

You can’t be gone, I
made a mistake
forgive me

Oh be alive please and you can visit me in the palace —
I am myself again and it’s safe.

You haunt me in my dreams. Come
wake me from my nightmares, come
in the flesh to kiss me in a waking
dream where we share the world
and yet come home.

Come gather me up like flowers on
the edge of the swamp and I’d
plant us in your field where
daffodils are daffy, where we’d laugh
in your sunlight because you’re alive.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Court Jester

  1. Oh phoooey. I forgot to put “by Zawmb’yee” or “Jane” or whatever to make the narrator’s identity clear. Next time, but I can’t edit this here, and I don’t feel like re-posting.

  2. I love the way this sounds in poem form, I was going to say last night (when I was sleepily attempting to comment) that I thought it was very poetic. Of course, I think you sound poetic even when you aren’t trying to sometimes…your words flow along so beautifully. Hopefully Doug is alive and gets to the palace soon, then he can be treated like a King because he is certainly no jester or anything of that nature. That was just a stupid joke that got taken too seriously. I think it probably hurt Zawmbyee too though, the way he took off and left over something as silly as a stupid joke, feeling abandoned is heartbreaking. When people have a problem they should talk about it and figure out how to fix it, not just disappear and ignore the painful feelings. I really liked the daffodils are daffy and laughing in the sunlight sounds wonderful especially if it was with someone you really loved.

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