Walking In Smiles

Walking In Smiles

Give me my smile my dear
and you will heal me as
you stand on your
high or low heels, and
walk my way.

I wish you to take
comfort in me.

Kick off your shoes
and I think I will smile

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Walking In Smiles

  1. I love it, definitely made me smile but you do make me smile quite often…I think you would be easy to find comfort in. You should kick off your shoes too, being barefoot is so much more comfortable…
    Oh I just saw an article about the cannes film festival, they were denying entry to women who were wearing flats instead of heels.

      1. I know! The women they turned away were older with disabilities too the article said. If it’s something where I’m going to be standing or on my feet for hours I’ll wear flats instead of heels with a dressy outfit. In the summer I practically live in sandals. I never knew feet were under such scrutiny…

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