My Last Laugh

A Laugh

How could I not be for you
when you are a heavy-light shining-bliss and
I want to carry you on, because

we have always
flown on every flight,
been on every river

splashed when we hugged, when
you gave me your best look
and you saw my face with tears
that I denied but not for very long,
because I wanted you to look at me

I saw you see me
and you loved me.

Can we fly forever at last?

Don’t leave me now, just
giggle, and

let me have my last laugh
because I want you to love me
when I have a beautiful joke for us
and we dance with joy together.

— Douglas Gilbert

2 thoughts on “My Last Laugh

  1. I love this one so much. It’s beautiful, so exciting with the flying and splashing…makes me feel all warm inside. I’ll always giggle at your jokes because you make my heart sing with happiness and I’d be your joy dancing partner anytime.

    1. Thanks. There are so many dances I want to do. Maybe I don’t have to be perfect to step into happiness. I wish what I feel when I dance were not so ugly but a grand feeling despite not being an actual star.

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