Walking In Smiles

Walking In Smiles

Give me my smile my dear
and you will heal me as
you stand on your
high or low heels, and
walk my way.

I wish you to take
comfort in me.

Kick off your shoes
and I think I will smile

— Douglas Gilbert


Rain You Much by “Diane”

Rain You Much by “Diane”

I am the river.

When the rain falls on him, the mountain, the river flows, and
I etch glorious river valleys and canyons, but he doesn’t always know I’m flowing, and

sometimes I think he reads my meandering thought carved into his soul;
oh please, let the mountain come to me
and let it grow into life as if not everything is made of stone

and I can climb him because
he is not a mountain, but
a puppy dog.

— Douglas Gilbert

My Last Laugh

A Laugh

How could I not be for you
when you are a heavy-light shining-bliss and
I want to carry you on, because

we have always
flown on every flight,
been on every river

splashed when we hugged, when
you gave me your best look
and you saw my face with tears
that I denied but not for very long,
because I wanted you to look at me

I saw you see me
and you loved me.

Can we fly forever at last?

Don’t leave me now, just
giggle, and

let me have my last laugh
because I want you to love me
when I have a beautiful joke for us
and we dance with joy together.

— Douglas Gilbert

Lightening Strikes Many Times in The Same Place

I don’t believe it anymore:
The chances of getting
eaten by a mountain lion
are less than the chance
of getting hit by lightning

Getting hit by lightning
is apparently very common now.

The chance of getting killed by terrorists
at a marathon or in a movie theater, or
at a rally for more female-natural-food chefs
is less than the chance
of getting hit by lightning.

The chance of WW3 or of
nuclear war is less than
the chance of getting hit by lightning

Apparently Kaboom — the
lightning is like spider veins. There are

so many bellicose veins of thought
and aberration that
the sky speaks fully of thunder

but the lightning lies deny
how common is a mountain lion.

Writing You

Writing You

I don’t want you
to have nothing but me

because I love you, and
I can not make my
any dream be real.

If I write you
if I right you

I don’t know
if a tender touch
is enough, but

let us walk one more time
before the sun sets, because

if the sun sets
I will be lost

— Douglas Gilbert