Trivial Things

Trivial Things

You don’t understand
anything about my child
who I thought could be Christian

But now I know in the slaughter
that none born now in chaos
should ever speak to God
because He never stops
the barbarians who’d
take her as the 72nd virgin

And she
just wanted to play
with her dolls and me

And she
wanted to be a lawyer

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Trivial Things

  1. So sad. I’ve been seeing so much in the news, people being slaughtered just for being Christian. Scary times we live in, I can’t even look at the pictures. You see, I love everyone, of all religions. I may be Christian but I have respect for people of all faiths. We are a world full of different people and cultures. It only makes sense that different cultures would have different ways of worship. But none of those ways of worship should validate killing, especially of innocent children.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if children could play and their joy would lift the world when their laughter was noticed and loved, and everyone paused to praise them as if there were kind games…

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