I Love the River

I Love The River


love my river, and
could You please
My Lord

give me all
my river water
my splash.

Somehow empty
I can not drink enough
when the the river is low.

Thirsty, I am so
drained of life. Maybe

with a big drink granted
I won’t feel like

my stomach is so big
that I need a big knife to
prick it like a balloon

and I know it
will be silly to die
without a big word
an oh blah, blah, yeah
I could do better, have some
legacy. No. I’m just stupid

and it hurts so much, but
I hope the pain will end soon
because I am too clumsy
to do it fast and well.

Oh God the knife hurts, and
I don’t know why
I had to be nothing

Could I please
just bleed well
like a divine river
and if I would die
could it be with a word

I would seek you
and before I go
I’d say I love you

just because
you have known me

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “I Love the River

  1. If I could, I’d pour you all the water
    you could drink in a glass
    of happiness that would never shatter-
    just please, don’t bleed or leave because
    dear friend, i love you more
    than the leaves that left in the fall,
    and even more than the green promise of
    spring leaves to come

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