Hell No I’m Not Going to Edit This Much (Draft 3)

Hell No I’m Not Going to Edit This Much

*{[Yes, I know, but it’s poetic license: I can say I’m not but then secretly do it anyway]}*

No, I refuse absolutely
to use few words; no, no, no
there is no soul in brevity

No, no, no, I don’t want to be spare,
I want to be naked. I want
to show you everything, and
I want to show you that every ugly blemish has
a beautiful poem it’s inspired, though sometimes

it has named itself like a star is named “123087274”
by the Astronomical Union sometimes but
more often is called Sarah. No, not at all, I
want many more words. I want Love. I want faith in poetry.

I want every rhyme to sing
in every octave that could ding-dong.

I want to hear my music, my love, my joy.
I want to be extravagant, lush in words,
lush in feeling. I don’t want to coyly

take away anything at all except you, love,
into my hovering dreams with chatter fluff
until there’d be no cloudy words
but justly a masterpiece of Love.

— Douglas Gilbert

6 thoughts on “Hell No I’m Not Going to Edit This Much (Draft 3)

  1. This is great! Your disclaimer about the editing in the beginning made me giggle. I love all the changes, it flows along nicely and I love the new ending stanza with the hovering dreams, chatter fluff and cloudy words. I’m hoping the sun comes out soon, I could really use some warmth. Spring come soon!

    1. Thanks. Yes, let’s have Spring. We’re going to get one day tomorrow: it’s going to be 36 and then at night and beyond it’s going back to 20 or less.

      1. So cold! This morning it was like 3 degrees. I watched out the window for my son’s bus this morning and when I saw it I told him to Go! and he ran down the street to catch it. It’s just too cold to be standing around doing nothing and sometimes his bus is really late.
        But yeah, the winter blues are in full effect for me. At least today I put on day-time clothes instead of staying in my pajamas all day long like most of my other days off lately. I haven’t been writing or doing anything creative for that matter. People ask me to do stuff and it just sounds exhausting and it’s so cold out it just sucks away my desire to even try to have fun. Maybe this weekend I’ll end up doing something…I think it’d probably be good for me.

    1. That’s interesting. I always thought it was weird how water behaves. Most things keep contracting as the temperature goes down — the colder it gets the more it contracts. But water is weird because it keeps contracting all the way down from water vapor at boiling point to water at room temperature to cool water UNTIL when it forms a crystal it expands. Most things never expand — they just keep contracting. With water It’s like a rigid formation and each atom has to go to it’s assigned spot and hold hands but no running around or huddles…

      1. It is weird how water behaves…I’ve been making a lot of soups since it’s been cold, but whenever you make soup it seems to make way more than we can eat and after leftovers the next day we really aren’t in the mood for it anymore so I freeze any that’s left (because I don’t want to waste food). Anyway, I filled up the pyrex glass bowls and put the lids on and later when I looked the lid is bowed up on top…I didn’t leave enough room at the top for the soup to expand during the freezing process. I’m sure the soup is fine but it made me think of your reply just now for some reason. Here I go rambling on again, haha

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