My Love Is an Atheist *by “Diane” (Draft 3)*

My Love Is an Atheist by “Diane” (Draft 3)

[changes in paragraph 15 to end starting with:
Wait for me though, ’cause
I don’t want to surprise you too soon

Don’t despair; I care. Just,

My Love Is an Atheist
    by “Diane”

I tell you:
you must believe in Heaven
because when you die

I don’t want you to
forget me, and

my dear atheist
I don’t want you to end

I want you to continue
with me forever.

Give me your hand, and
I will comfort you at your death bed.

I like beds
as you know

So in the snow
can we watch the flakes
flow like angels
you don’t believe in

But you believe in me
and I will lift you
because I love you.

Take my hand before you die.
Pardon an aside:

Oh my God please
welcome my friend
who I recommend, and
if need be

I will give
examples of love
for me and many

and when he dies
could you comfort him.

I beseech You for a miracle
because I love him as he is

And now my dear
can I tell you
that you will die, but
I’ve made a reservation for you
in a very fine establishment
that I think you will like

Wait for me though, ’cause
I don’t want to surprise you too soon

Don’t despair; I care. Just,
wait for me, my love, because
I will seize you abundance
that you will love in surprise.

So many fair things I will bless for you.

Just wait and don’t be sad because
I’ll gather these gifts from my heart.

I don’t know why you would die, but
wait for me because
when I come, I’ll
bathe you in my
stunning love

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “My Love Is an Atheist *by “Diane” (Draft 3)*

  1. I love the new changes, it may not be a lot of words quantity wise but they seem to mean a lot and hold a lot of weight (if that makes sense). Are you getting your poems revised and ready for the new book?

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it’s going very slowly and I don’t think I’m going to have enough for a totally new book. I think I’m going to mix a few new ones with the old ones and make a better title. I made a separate ebook just for Alice in Wunderkinderland — I added chapter headings and somehow it seems to help a little with the awkward spots where there’s a break in the rhythm or where I gave up trying to rhyme. It’s very quirky and doesn’t have much of a pattern or rhythm. I didn’t know how to fix it, so other than breaking it into “chapters”(which are very small) I didn’t change anything. I’m waiting for Amazon to approve it. I don’t know why I’m bothering — nothing is selling except for the free Fog ebook and the free Ali Khamenei Supreme Leader ebook. I added a few more satirical comments and made one that costs something. Amazon seems to only report sales once a month for the previous month so I’ll have to wait until sometime in the beginning of March to see if anyone is going to pay real money for the Khamenei books. When I finish the Fog book I’m going to charge for it. I hope those who read book 1 will want to read the ending. This is all very tedious and annoying because it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.
          Maybe after the cold and snow and rain stops, I’ll feel better. Well, I’ll find a few new ones I like and stick it in front of the old ones and make it an ebook. I think I’ll make it $3 so I can get $1. With the ebook form I can make it anywhere from $0 to $1,000,000 but with the printed form it can’t be a low price because of the minimum printing costs for a lot of pages.

    2. I hope you’re surviving the bad weather OK. The whole country is a mess. We’ve had yo-yo temperatures — it went from 2° to 19° back to 7°, up to 40°, down to 9°, and now up to 34° and soon to 40° and then I hear tomorrow 20°… or something like that
          It’s really odd about the degree symbol– I went to the Character Map thing to find out how you make it, which I’ve done before(hold down ALT and type on the number keypad section the number code they give you), but this time maybe because of “improvements” it left wordpress altogether and went to the browser. Geez, I hope it doesn’t do that for all symbols. Geez now I wonder what will happen if I want an accent olé. Right now I’m pasting from word pad, but it would be nice if I could type it directly. I love these “improvements”.

      1. Yeah, it has been yo-yo weather lately! We had a weekend where it was almost 60 degrees (I don’t know how to make the degree symbol) and then it dropped down to -14!!! At least that’s what the weather on my phone said it was. I think once it gets to a certain level of coldness it all sort of feels the same. I spent the day going through old clothes and cleaning out my closet. I have a lot of stuff I don’t wear anymore and it was taking up all my storage space, I had stacks of clothes piled up on my dresser. But now it’s all organized and I have all my books standing neatly across my dresser now. Looks much better than messy stacks of clothes. I guess all the cold weather and being stuck indoors all the time is making me a little OCD, gotta get things in order, (ha).

      2. so now you have chosen a dress, And I think there will be a great swirl. Stuff you don’t wear anymore I guess I wouldn’t have minded

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