Trends (Draft 1)


It makes me so sad
when I’ve missed so many trends

When women’s liberation happened
I thought she would ask me out

But I was just a pig. No not,
I’m just trying to have an image
that the guys will not ridicule, but

yet the girls will find better:
the super sensitive chic
and macho too; I need guns
and flowers I suppose:
I don’t know what pose
I must have

I would rather speak my silliness
than die to the conformity
of never knowing and no one
even an intimate she
truly loving me.

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Trends (Draft 1)

  1. I think your image is perfect – manly, yet still sensitive. Intelligent, yet you still have a sense of humor. And your poetry is exquisite…Absolutely perfect! You don’t really need a pose when you have all that great stuff going on, sweetness. Women’s liberation was kind of silly…what about those of us who didn’t want to have some grand career, those of us who wanted to be a housewife, to please our husbands and be a full time mother to our children? That’s not even an option anymore unless you marry a rich man, even in middle class families both the parents have to work to maintain bills…so if you think about it women’s liberation gave us lots of options but took one of the most important options we had, away.

    1. No. Loving children could never be wrong. And when the chaos turns into calm, isn’t that magnificent to have a family hug even for a second. I imagine that. I imagine that love grows in the garden and one can go away for a while and come back and see a blossom. I don’t know how I fell between different eras — I never quite fit in or understood any of the transitions. I almost got it a few times. Almost.

      1. I imagine that too…I always wanted a family. And it’s hard raising my son alone because I’m really not the leader-type, I find it mentally exhausting to take care of every detail of daily life (food, home, cooking, repairs, clothes etc..) all by myself. I think I would work much better in a team environment but it’s hard to find who it is, that you’re supposed to find (if that makes any sense) and I’d rather be alone than with the wrong someone.

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