I Can Hear the Hummingbird (Draft 2)

I Can Hear the Hummingbird

[I just added one word at the end — otherwise it’s the same as Draft 1… and I spelled hummingbird wrong: I had made it into two words — humming bird]

I Can Hear The Hummingbird (Draft 2)
[When the Hummingbird Hums]

A little ordinary bird told me
the hummingbird can hear
the flower sing the tune of the petal
when she sings in the wind of his wings,
as he drinks of her nectar. And yes too

the winter flower
under the awning is yawning
as a child wakes up too early, and
bounces on the bed of joy, like
these songs are in harmony, and
in the wind of joy

everybody jump

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “I Can Hear the Hummingbird (Draft 2)

  1. I’m so ready for Spring…it’s been so cold lately. It’ll be nice to see some hummingbirds again too! My back has been feeling better so I’m ready to stick my hands into the dirt and plant some flowers. I didn’t even notice the space you put in hummingbird the first time around. I guess the space makes it read more like a bird that hums, than a hummingbird huh?

    1. Me too. I’m glad to hear your back is better.
          I’ve been gathering up the poems I wrote this year and part of last to put in a new book. Up until now I’ve just been re-arranging the old ones in different size books with different covers. Maybe I could find enough new ones for a new book. I don’t know, it looks like I only have about 60 totally new ones that didn’t appear in the previous books of many sizes. And then of course I don’t like all of them. And I’m thinking of making a separate book just for Alice — it’s a 40 page epic poem so It might be OK as a separate book all by itself… i don’t know and then there’s the novel-blog to finish…
          Probably I’ll start on…um… none for now. Too cold to start up the motor of creativity…

      1. ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day!! ♥

        Hmm…when it’s cold out they say you should start the motor and let it run for a bit before you go. So maybe a little warm up session is in order? You do have quite a collection of poems now and I think every last one of them is beautiful. Yeah, the Alice poem is long enough for it’s own book I think. Quite the epic poem.
        My back is mostly back to normal. I still get a little stiffness in the muscle at times so I try to be careful but I haven’t had to take any ibuprofen for it in a while. I’m still kind of afraid to juggle/dance though. I mean, I’d probably be ok, but I’m afraid of pulling the muscle again. I’m such a chicken sometimes…

    2. ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

      Thanks. No, I don’t think you’re a chicken, just a chick. It’s best to be careful. My ankle is still not right… I can’t walk too far. It looks like I’ll have to go to the doctor to see what’s going on. It’s going to be a horrible hassle — I’m not sure what coverage I have and I’m going to have to fill out all kinds of papers. I feel like saying if they ask me any questions — “None of your damn business. Hackers get into the government database and read my private information so why would I tell you anything. I want to say ‘Doc, just look and remember and take hand notes. As a child, before vaccines were invented, I had measles, mumps, and as a young adult had German measles. So don’t bother me about anything.”

      1. Yeah, it would be horrible to pull my back muscle again so I’m trying to be careful. I’m sorry your ankle still hurts. That’s a bad pain too! Be careful, I wouldn’t want you to twist it and make it worse. I’ll blow a kiss to your ankle!
        So you had measles and mumps and german measles? wow, those are really bad illnesses. I caught the chicken pox twice! I was over it, but apparently didn’t have the immunity to it yet and I re-caught it from my little sister who had caught it from me. I was sick for what seemed like the whole summer to me! And then when I got better I remember my mom fussing at me to stay in the shade because the sun would make scars from the spots worse…

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