The Fog of the Caveman’s Blog [continued] (Prose)

ENTRY 135, 136


    Hmm, pipe organs and smoke. I read about hydrothermal vents, spewing superheated water, called black smokers, or white smokers. They’re sort of like pipes of an organ. I don’t know if they sound like a pipe organ, but they are pushing water, making ripples so that must constitute some kind of sound I suppose. I wonder if anything in my dream has anything to do with the actual news. I’m going to watch TV to see what’s going on in the outside world. Whatever it is, i think I’m pretty safe in this sealed- up apartment building.


    Well before I observed a catastrophe on TV, I did see a story on TV about black smokers and they did record sounds, but not like an organ: it sounded to me like a drum roll in a wind storm with boiling and gurgling water.
    But then I switched to a news channel. It started out innocently enough.
    An attractive anchorwoman, with well coiffed blond hair, wearing a stiff aqua blue dress with green stripes, was speaking, “… the Prime Minister was late for the talks in Geneva today. There is speculation, but no one is quite sure if this indicated progress in side meetings or is a harbinger of a breakdown. We have a report from our correspondent James…um uh… from our reporter on scene, James…”
    When she couldn’t remember his last name, she started to stutter and seemed in a panic. “Um, uh, we now go to … Ha! I will now make a special announcement …”
    Then you could hear a floor manager off camera screaming, “Sue, what are you doing? GO TO COMMERCIAL!”
    Sue said, “You will not go to commercial.”
    The manager ran out in front of the anchor desk, and screamed at the cameramen, “Turn the cameras away.”
    “You will not,” Sue said.
    Suddenly, twenty masked men in black, carrying odd looking guns, and wearing orange running shoes with rubys over steel toes stormed the stage.
    Pointing to the manager, Sue said, “Execute him.”
    A gun was raised and pointed. There was a bright light and the manager disappeared, leaving a pile of ash.
    I thought I must have gotten the program schedule wrong and thought I must have stumbled onto a Soap Opera program. It was too dramatic to be real so I flipped the channels for a while. I was determined to find a decent program to watch.

— Douglas Gilbert

One thought on “The Fog of the Caveman’s Blog [continued] (Prose)

  1. Uh oh, things seem to be getting a little odd, that would be crazy to actually see something like that on the news. It seems like Sue might be going through some sort of thing where she is being controlled, (like Angela from the moose cafe). Those twenty guys who executed the man with the crazy running shoes sound pretty scary too. I wonder what kind of gun just disintegrates people like that too…freaky!

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