Brain Wash Makes Soap So Pure Like Rain (Draft 1)

Brain Wash Every Child

We know alienation, and
we will steal your youth, because
you are silly and plastic.

We Tell your youth it’s chic
and they fight for nonsense;

teenagers are nuts
and we can easily
make them crazy with chic courses.

Oh crazy elegant children
we love how you kill

because your professors and Imams
have gone mad, and

jihad is romantic.

Can we remind you that
you are ignoble, suicidal
and nuts;

No, you have become
mindless, and

Mothers now never
send your children to Harvard.

These kids are nuts
and they will kill many.

Remember there is a professor
who they believe mistakenly
told them to kill innocents, because
of past crimes of the US and of
imaginary things

So many great lectures , because
everything is relative. Not.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Brain Wash Makes Soap So Pure Like Rain (Draft 1)

  1. I like this but I’m a little confused too, is this because of a specific incident where Harvard students killed someone? I tried looking up news about Harvard…didn’t really find anything specific. Although I did find were some Harvard students were saying that America is a bigger world threat than the Isis group…

    1. No not a specific incident but they do say silly things like “America is a bigger world threat than ISIS.” Yes, that’s what I meant. The professors teach them about the “crimes of America.” They teach them a false history and the kids believe them.

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