Ooops. Who Wrote That (Draft 1)

Who Wrote That?

our weather computer model
is wrong again,

But anyway
we don’t care…

Destroy West Virginia
or any state with a coal mine
because there’s Global Warming.

Destroy the Keystone pipeline
because there’s a chic stone
like a Blarney Stone:

Hollywood experts
know best, and I remember how

Robert Young in “Father Knows Best”
became “Marcus Welby, M.D.”, and a
damn pompous arrogant creep in

one episode where he saw
an old friend of his in the hospital:

He said, “What are you
doing in the CHARITY WARD?”

Condescending creep:
I hated him for that.
He scolded his friend for what?

Hollywood: they scold
from ignorance.

Despite what they claim,
they have no compassion, unless
someone agrees with them.

we’re just actors:
we play the role
of a scientist
of a politician
of a human

Are they?

Dr. Roy Spencer
Blarney Stone

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Ooops

  1. Fortunately, we didn’t get 2 or 3 feet of snow. The people were hysterical in the supermarket and emptied the shelves with stuff they didn’t need. But anyway, we have enough stuff to last a week. There are people driven so hysterical by the media that they bought all the milk even though they’re allergic to milk. And if there’s a power failure, what do they think they’re going to do with all that “milk and eggs.”

    1. Yeah, they created this big frenzy and nothing happened. Maybe my “Douglas Warming” thoughts did help! (ha!) Well I guess it’s a good thing that you aren’t completely snowed in. And I guess it’s a good thing to be prepared just in case you were to be snowed in also. I remember when the snow storm of 94 hit our area they weren’t calling for much. No one was really prepared. That’s funny about the buying up all the milk even though they’re allergic to it. I always think it’s funny how everyone rushes to buy milk bread and eggs. Like we’re all just gonna sit around and make French toast or something?

  2. Oh I hated that episode so much. He didn’t say, “My dear friend, I’m sorry you’re sick and I hope you get better. I give you my blessings.” He only wanted to know why his friend was taking “charity.” If I had an old friend in the hospital, I would say, “I love you.” And I would do that before I made out any insurance forms…

    1. Yeah, If I had a friend in the hospital I think I’d tell them I loved them and hoped they felt better soon…not made them feel bad because of what ward they were in. I hate when people have condescending attitudes like that. It’s hurtful and rude. We recently were treated badly in a Gaddie Eye center by a condescending man. It’s embarrassing to need help paying for some things, my son is on KCHIP (Kentucky children’s health insurance program). Because I’m a single mom we qualify and honestly I’m so thankful for it because I don’t think I could afford to have health insurance otherwise. But we went to his eye doctor for his annual exam. Every year he has to have a vision test and he gets a new pair of glasses. Well the man started helping us but then kept running back and forth from room to room and helping a customer on the phone while we were sitting there waiting for him. He was acting like we obviously weren’t important. Finally he comes back over and brings a couple of black boxes over that my son could choose from. The first box was for very small kids, the second box was for the bigger kids and most of the ones in that box were for girls. There were maybe 4 or 5 pairs that he could choose from and none of them were that great, they were pretty much the same glasses he already had just a different color. So I asked him if there was a percentage that the insurance paid and maybe we could buy some different frames (I just want my son to like his glasses and feel confident since he’s just entering his teen years and that’s an awkward phase anyway). I mean, just because we are on the state health care doesn’t mean I’m too poor to have any money to my name, I mean I do work, I wait tables. Well he acted like we had some nerve to even ask. He loudly and in condescending tone (everyone in the room could hear him) said “Well I certainly can’t STOP you from buying different frames but YOUR insurance won’t cover any of it” I didn’t make a big deal of it because my son was right there and I didn’t want to cause a scene. I was really embarrassed and my feelings were hurt. Honestly I didn’t know that I was in the wrong for asking to pay extra money for glasses. Finally my son settled on some frames from the black box, they were the exact same glasses he already had but a bronze color instead of black. At that point I didn’t want to give that business any of my hard earned money. He pretty much pushed us out of there, said that this other lady was going to put the order in, he didn’t even give us a receipt or tell us when to expect the glasses. When they sent me a survey about my experience I was honest and told them what I just told you. I’ve still never gotten an apology or anything, and next year we will be going somewhere other than that place even if I have to drive further from home. I’m embarrassed again just telling the story to you…I hope you don’t think less of me.

      1. No, I know what you mean. For my insurance I would have had to go to a very far away place by bus and then I would have had to ask for directions because I couldn’t tell from a map exactly where it was, and it sounded from the name like it was some kind of garbage dump — Cut-rate Wharehouse or something like that. So I went to an Eye Doctor nearby that I could walk to and paid a lot of money in cash for an examination and glasses. But I didn’t have to explain myself. They were kind of shocked and didn’t seem to know what to do with cash. I had to coach them — don’t you think I should get a receipt of some kind. “Um, yeah, of course.” And they stumbled around looking for their receipt book. They know how to do credit cards real fast — they have their machine and everything.

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