You And Your Damn Global Warming Theories

Go away with your damn Global Warming theories.
Go bother the Chinese with their Gung Ho use of coal.

Go complain to them if you believe this nonsense about
man-made Global Warming.

Go get them to stop their CO2 if
you really believe your nonsense.

Go complain to the Chinese.
Leave us alone with your nonsense.

Go destroy their economy
if you must, but

we have two feet of snow
to clean up.

If you want to be warm
go to hell.

Politics is not science.
The UN is a lie.


6 thoughts on “You And Your Damn Global Warming Theories

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen pictures of China, all the pollution there is just horrible. I think their theory that the global warming makes the environment do odd extreme things, like even the super cold polar vortex had something to do with global warming. Crazy huh?? But it is hard to imagine that warming could be the cause of snow. I was wondering how you’re doing. I heard it was supposed to be blizzard like conditions in New York. I’m thinking Douglas Warming thoughts; trying to warm you but I think I’m too far away. So try to stay safe…and warm.

    1. Thanks. The big storm hasn’t arrived yet. But tonight and tomorrow we’re supposed to get 2-3 feet of snow. The Earth’s average global temperature has NOT gone up in the last 15 years with the old data, but they cheated and lowered the number for the early years to make it look like we’re having a warm spell. This is at least the second time they got caught cheating. There was was an e-mail scandal at East Anglia university where they bragged how they changed the data.

    2. The problem is they, the so-called main stream scientists get government grants to study and praise themselves for Global Warming Theories and the UN gets money for the same nonsense and demands the “rich” countries pay the poor countries to compensate for the change in climate and the harm it does to them. There is no actual data; just computer programs with limited data simulating what might happen. They haven’t actually measured what’s really going on. They just don’t know. They don’t even know why the Sun is acting strangely so don’t blame me — blame the Sun.

  2. They’re not allowed to cheat! It’s really disheartening that even the scientists are liars these days. I mean, if you change the data then the information isn’t really valid anymore. I want to believe all the things I’m told but it seems like everyone has their own agenda and they say whatever it is they think people want to hear. Frustrating.
    2 – 3 feet of snow is a whole lot. I hope your fridge and cabinets are stocked up with plenty of food and you can just hang out and stay warm til the blizzard is over…
    I’m doing ok, thanks for the warm thoughts…

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