Death To Coal And West Virginia

Death To Coal And West Virginia

by “Diane”

My dear husband
has not been to Harvard

but he is a noble man
and in the coal mine
he is much prettier than a canary.

I love him much more than
the President who’s been to Harvard
and hates coal with a passion;

we have worked in a hole
and his pompous self has not.

We know about energy and faith,
and he knows about subsidized solar panels
and about his crony friends who lose money
on impractical schemes– so smart that

he’d have a mechanical canary
like the emperor, but

the the song is paramount
when the variations
are still odd and ugly
and the original melody
remains the nightingale’s
original truth and glory

We can wash our hands, but
he can not.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Death To Coal And West Virginia

  1. I was just reading an article about Obama’s ‘war on coal’. It said at least 12 states are suing the EPA? I like this poem, how her noble husband is prettier than the canary, and the ending lines are great…

    1. Thanks very much. I think of all the countries in the world, we are the most careful, and we try the hardest to be safe. (Accidents do happen, but things can never be perfect — we can’t ban cars because there are accidents, nor can we ban ladders because people fall off them sometimes.)

      1. Nope, you can’t just ban everything because something MIGHT happen. That’s kinda like saying no one else is allowed to have tomatoes because I am allergic to them. hehe….

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