The Adventures of You (Draft 1)

The Adventures of You (Draft 1)

I told you not to go to the South Pole
because I don’t want you to freeze

But your freedom is dear to me
and you are so happy with adventure.

I want you to be
gleeful with a dog sled,
race with the wind.

I think the angels
will warm you, and
professor lover dear
I love your research
of life, of snow, and
of me.

I will tell your peers, that
they must publish your papers
in a Journal, just because

I say you are worthy
of truth, and
the data is glorious:

let them look, and
if they give you a prize

I will be ecstatic for you,
but as I gift you with me
I hope you’ll duck into
the cloak room at
the Noble Prize ceremony
and kiss me, because
I love your work

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “The Adventures of You (Draft 1)

  1. Oooh, I love your work! This is great; adventurous and charming. It has felt like the South Pole around here lately. I’m ready for the Spring and Summer. But I was just talking about husky sled dogs to my son this morning. They’re so cute…and it’s amazing how they can handle the cold.
    I love the ending, a cloak room kiss is so very exciting…

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