Ink Doesn’t Laugh Anymore (Draft 1) [quick write]

Ink Doesn’t Laugh Anymore (Draft 1)

I’ve canceled my trip to Paris
and I’ve given up my scholarship to Art School
given up on studying cartooning

Probably, I’d never learn to draw anyway, and
I don’t think the French would give me
a permit for a gun. When I applied
for Art School, I didn’t think I’d
need weapons more powerful than
La Plume. Feathers of speech
don’t seem very powerful enough
to tickle the Zeitgeist

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Ink Doesn’t Laugh Anymore (Draft 1) [quick write]

  1. Some of those cartoons they draw are very offensive but I don’t think anyone deserves to die over a cartoon that was supposed to be a joke. The whole situation is sad. So many lives lost. Lately there has been a lot of really wierd, violent things going on in the news. Crazy stuff, it makes me nervous. Sometimes I think I need to find my own private island…

    1. Yeah, a private island with you and with a refrigerator of food for a hundred years, and a natural gas generator driven by a local well.

      1. Of course, we’ll need to win the lottery first, in order to buy the island and build a nice house. Maybe solar panels on the roof would be good and a wind turbine in the back yard along with the natural gas generator. I could grow a garden and learn how to can food like my grandma used to. We could catch some fish for meat (as long as there isn’t a bunch of radiation in the water from that nuclear disaster). We’ll have to have a boat so we can go back to the mainland for supplies and entertainment every now and then (as long as the mainland isn’t too crazy, hehe)

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