New Year Jump (Draft 1)

New Year Jump

Sometimes in the New Year
it’s hard to tell if
the kangaroos are
hoping or hopping well or
drinking from a well of happiness
thus boding well for a leap of faith, and
telling a tale on a long tail and foot
jumping for joy with springiness
perhaps, awaiting Spring

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “New Year Jump (Draft 1)

  1. Ooooops. I forgot: When it’s Winter here it’s Summer in Australia, so even though it’s a metaphor, maybe I should say, “Perhaps remembering Springs…”. I’m all mixed up — I think Spring is long gone in the Southern Hemisphere and they are in Summer?

    1. Hmmm…well maybe we can pretend like the Kangaroos live here in the U.S. at a zoo or nature sanctuary or something? Then you wouldn’t have to change the wording, right? Great poem, I feel like I’ve been waiting for spring for way too long. Sometimes I think I’ll be stuck in the cold lonesome season of winter forever…I think it would be more tolerable if I had a good snuggle partner to keep warm with. Anyway, I hope you have a very Happy New Year! Lots of love and joy and all sorts of happy warm thoughts for you…

      1. Oh thanks so much. You’re always so positive for me — you warm my heart.
            Happy New Year and I hope there is a big leap into happiness for you and finally you can spring into Spring at last with a twirl and a dance…

  2. Oh good, I’m so glad I can warm your heart, you always warm mine as well. A twirl and a dance sounds wonderful.
    So I had a few drinks last night and I’ve been fighting a headache all day because of it! I just can’t drink like I used to, I apparently have no tolerance anymore. But I’m still making my yearly New Year feast for my family. Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. Oh and brookies for dessert and mom is bringing bread…

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