So Much Poetry Is Death (Draft 1)

So Much Poetry Is Death (Draft 1)

The blood of my creation
splatters me in an alley
where I wonder if
it’d be worth
mopping myself up.

I don’t feel well
and I don’t
want to vomit again

unless there’d be
a poem that
would sell to the chic.

I just feel sick
and I don’t know
how to do this.

I don’t know anyone
and don’t know how
I could be at
a cocktail party for poets

because I don’t know
how any of my silent screams
would make me a rhyme that
would take my love into the world.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “So Much Poetry Is Death (Draft 1)

  1. I don’t feel well either…my stomach has started feeling nauseated since I ate dinner and I’m hoping I’m not coming down with something. I keep sucking on peppermints hoping it’ll settle my stomach. Are you really sick or just metaphorically sick? Well either way, I would take care of you if I could. I’d get you some crackers or cook some noodle soup for you, make you some ice water or a wet washcloth to hold on your forehead if you were feverish. I’m sure you would be the best poet at any cocktail party though. In fact, if I had enough money I’d throw the best cocktail party ever just to celebrate you.

    1. Thanks. I’m sorry you don’t feel well. I hope it’s minor.
          I think I might have a cold of some sort. My ankle hurts but I don’t remember doing anything to it. So all my ambitious speaking tours are off I suppose. But since I already bought a ticket for the Long Island Railroad that expires at the end of December, I should just take the subway to Columbus Circle and speak there or in Central Park…. I don’t know, maybe I’ll get lucky this year. I don’t seem to meet any good gossips…Maybe Times Square would be better. Hmm, I always thought stage fright would be the biggest obstacle, but actually the biggest obstacle is that nobody cares. I’ve actually spoken in public all over New York City now and I don’t think stage fright is the problem, and I guess it doesn’t seem like I would get arrested for free speech. I was really afraid originally but I think there is an exception for free speech and books, but you can’t sell anything else without a peddler’s license which you can’t get because there’s a waiting list which is closed.

      1. My stomach is much better today, I don’t know what was up with it yesterday. I hope you’re feeling better. I always thought it would be exciting to do a reading but I’m not sure I’d be able to, I get kinda shy sometimes and that seems out of my comfort zone for sure…even if nobody cared or was paying attention my heart would probably still be pounding so hard! But yeah, I know what you mean. People seem pretty self absorbed and only into what is happening on the screen of their phones these days. Sometimes I’m trying to take someone’s order at work and they can’t even look away from their phone. It’s really pretty rude. I heard something about that peddlers license thing when I was reading about that man who was killed for selling cigarettes illegally. I’ve heard there’s been lots of protests, I’m not sure why such force was needed, the whole situation is just sad. Anyway, be careful when you’re out reading your poetry or selling books.

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