New Year Jump (Draft 1)

New Year Jump

Sometimes in the New Year
it’s hard to tell if
the kangaroos are
hoping or hopping well or
drinking from a well of happiness
thus boding well for a leap of faith, and
telling a tale on a long tail and foot
jumping for joy with springiness
perhaps, awaiting Spring

— Douglas Gilbert


Thinking Of You (Draft 1)

Thinking of You

I don’t want to know about death, though
I suspect it might come soon.

I want to know about love from you
because I’ve a soupçon of
your subtle spice whiff of love for me

And I so much would love you
to be my spice because
I have a flavor
we could cook

And I feel like maybe
I could know you enough, that

I’d love you as best as I can
and you wouldn’t mind me if
I couldn’t take out the trash

but sometimes think I would sing like
a silly bird, and you’d forgive me,
even if I’m so imperfect

But I think I have the perfect kiss,
just because I feel the body of you

— Douglas Gilbert

I Didn’t Mean That (Draft 1)

I Didn’t Mean That (Draft 1)

I didn’t mean that, but
I heard her scream, and

I can barely breathe
because I love her so much

but she tears at my soul
like my tears are nothing

and I must leave now
because if I killed her
I’d be so sorry
for every stab wound

so many million times
I loved her, but never
did she ever really love me

— Douglas Gilbert

So Much Poetry Is Death (Draft 1)

So Much Poetry Is Death (Draft 1)

The blood of my creation
splatters me in an alley
where I wonder if
it’d be worth
mopping myself up.

I don’t feel well
and I don’t
want to vomit again

unless there’d be
a poem that
would sell to the chic.

I just feel sick
and I don’t know
how to do this.

I don’t know anyone
and don’t know how
I could be at
a cocktail party for poets

because I don’t know
how any of my silent screams
would make me a rhyme that
would take my love into the world.

— Douglas Gilbert

My Love Is An Atheist, by “Diane” (draft 2)

My Love Is An Atheist by “Diane” (Draft 2)

I tell you:
you must believe in Heaven
because when you die

I don’t want you to
forget me, and

my dear atheist
I don’t want you to end

I want you to continue
with me forever.

Give me your hand, and
I will comfort you at your death bed.

I like beds
as you know

So in the snow
can we watch the flakes
flow like angels
you don’t believe in

But you believe in me
and I will lift you
because I love you.

Take my hand before you die.
Pardon an aside:

Oh my God please
welcome my friend
who I recommend, and
if need be

I will give
examples of love
for me and many

and when he dies
could you comfort him.

I beseech You for a miracle
because I love him as he is

And now my dear
can I tell you
that you will die, but
I’ve made a reservation for you
in a very fine establishment
that I think you will like

Wait for me though
I don’t want to come too soon

Don’t despair
Wait for me, my love, because
I will seize some knowledge for you
that you will love and laugh with

So many things I will gather for you.

Just wait and don’t be sad because
I will bring you so many gifts of my heart

I don’t know why you would die, but
wait for me because when I come
I will give you my endless love

— Douglas Gilbert