My Love Is An Atheist (Draft 1)

My Love Is An Atheist (Draft 1)

I tell you:
you must believe in Heaven
because when you die

I don’t want you to
forget me, and

my dear atheist
I don’t want you to end

I want you to continue
with me forever.

Give me your hand, and
I will comfort you at your death bed.

I like beds
as you know

So in the snow
can we watch the flakes
flow like angels
you don’t belief in

But you believe in me
and I will lift you
because I love you.

Take my hand before you die.
Pardon an aside:

Oh my God please
welcome my friend
who I recommend, and
if need be

I will give
examples of love
for me and many

and when he dies
could you comfort him.

I beseech You for a miracle
because I love him as he is

— Douglas Gilbert


18 thoughts on “My Love Is An Atheist (Draft 1)

  1. I was a little confused at first until I got to the end and saw the word ‘he’ and realized that you were writing from a different voice than your own. This makes me feel all sad, I have loss and death issues I guess, I don’t want you to end. I love you just as you are, you have such a beautiful heart and mind and I think God loves you too, even if you don’t believe. I think it’s just hard for some to have blind faith in something and that’s why a lot of people don’t believe. I’ve always believed but my belief became stronger after having near death experiences. I know there’s something else even if I can’t explain it or grasp it in it’s entirety. I think that Atheists will believe when they pass on and can finally see. I was reading an article where the Pope said that even Atheists can get into Heaven. What do you think? Here’s part of the article:
    “Just do good” was his challenge, “and we’ll find a meeting point.”

    Francis explained himself, “The Lord created us in His image and likeness, and we are the image of the Lord, and He does good and all of us have this commandment at heart, do good and do not do evil. All of us. ‘But, Father, this is not Catholic! He cannot do good.’ Yes, he can… “The Lord has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ, all of us, not just Catholics. Everyone! ‘Father, the atheists?’ Even the atheists. Everyone!” We must meet one another doing good. ‘But I don’t believe, Father, I am an atheist!’ But do good: we will meet one another there.”


    1. OH yeah, I forgot to do the trick when I change voices to put up “by Diane”. I don’t know why I forgot.
          I like that: do good and we will meet. It makes sense to me. I think there is some higher level of communication where all souls meet and the whole collection of thoughts is “God”. And maybe there is reincarnation. That would explain why bad things happen to good people. Maybe there are just different levels of people in their spiritual development but maybe there is no overall supervisor. And some get to be angels for awhile for no particular reason except that their goodness let’s them float into it and their wisdom and knowledge supports them like good people are able to smile.

    2. My starting point is that I think that every baby is innocent. And when it’s born it has the potential to be good. If it grows up to be evil, someone or some people taught it. I don’t ever see babies born who are inherently evil or mean or angry. I think some one must teach it. So when something goes wrong, that’s why we try to forgive its misunderstanding if its not totally out of control and we have no choice but to defend ourselves.
          If each individual rose to different spiritual levels as they developed, and interacted with others at different levels, that would explain all the chaos, because without a grand supervisor there is turmoil and disagreement.
          Maybe the grand supervisor pleads for harmony but no one listens.
          But people with near death experiences seem to know about a grand place with a loving God defined in a way most different than the usual. But good. But light. But warm. Bright. Loving.

      1. That makes sense…working our way through levels of spiritual development like reincarnation. When we’re spiritually ready we are able to go to Heaven. I think Babies are always innocent too, they haven’t yet committed any sin unless maybe it was in a past life (maybe) and I think/hope we start each life with a clean slate or fresh chance. My grandpa always said we had to be born again and forgiven for sins in order to go to Heaven.
        I wonder if there’s so much evil in the world these days because so many children are raised by evil people and it teaches them that behaving like abusive monsters is normal? So then they raise their children in the same way, it creates this cycle of wrong-doings until it’s out of control like a snowball effect of some sort. But that kind of behavior is still a choice, so when they realize they’re doing wrong and they ask for forgiveness and change, then they are forgiven.

      1. Yeah, I’ve had two. My first experience was when I was 17, I can’t even talk to you about the circumstances, at least not through the computer it’s too private and painful. If we were face to face and talking I would tell you. It’s actually the more definite experience that I remember more clearly though so a lot of the memory of the moment is from that experience. The second one was when I had my c-section with my son, I had an allergic reaction to a surgical drug. And was unconscious for about 5 hours. The nurse told me that they thought they’d lost me at one point but that they’d pulled me through. I woke up on these weird body warming massaging things on my legs and was hooked to all kinds of equipment and oxygen. What I mainly remember from both times is that there is a distinct (shocking) moment when you realize you are no longer inside your body. You’re like “oh my gosh, what’s happening!??!” and can see yourself lying there all lifeless. There is a light that felt warm and good, bright like the sun and it feels like a safe place, I was really just so scared and confused and it seemed like if I went towards it I would be ok. I’m not sure what the light is, maybe it draws you in so that your soul can move on? Maybe you’re reincarnated at that point or maybe if you’re spiritually evolved enough you can go on to Heaven? I don’t know. I don’t remember a bodily-reentry point and when I woke up I was confused and it seemed like I’d been asleep and I remembered it like a vague weird dream…I don’t know sometimes I think maybe it was just a weird dream, but the feeling of it is different, it was more like an event or experience than a dream and when you come back from that you seem to have a knowing that you didn’t have before. That there is a soul and that it doesn’t die, just your body does. So then you know that there has to be more beyond and I think that’s why I believed more strongly after those experiences.

    3. No, no, no, you’re not weird: I’ve heard about near-death experiences and yours fits into the pattern and so as it’s been reported it’s normal.
          As far as out-of-body experiences, I’ve heard of experiments where they place objects on trays near the ceiling where no one can see them and then ask anyone who has an out-of-body experience what’s in the tray. They always get it right. So when they say they are seeing themselves and floating around, it’s confirmed.
          I’ve heard about the light and everyone says how loving it seems. There is a data base now of people who have come close to death and returned and their stories are similar,

      1. Ok, good, I got all self conscious about it for some reason after I’d already shared it. Well I guess it wasn’t my time and luckily i pulled through, especially when my son was being born. I remember the first thing I said when I woke up was “I still haven’t gotten to hold my baby” the nurses sort of laughed and were like “you’re lucky to be here”. I kind of worry though, it feels like 2 strikes. Isn’t it 3 strikes and you’re out? I’m trying to be careful, hehe….

      2. Sometimes I wonder about it; both times I was unconscious for several hours (and I mean like completely out, there was no waking me up). What if it’s possible when we get into a deep enough stage of sleep to disconnect from ourselves somehow? I mean, there has been three times in my life that I was unconscious for several hours and it happened during two of them. The third time was my appendix surgery but that time I was put to sleep through anesthesia. I don’t remember anything like that from my appendix surgery. The other two times when it did happen were not anesthesia induced. As you can see I’m still trying to understand it myself…it’s one of those things that are unsettling feeling when you can’t make sense of it.

    4. No, I don’t think ordinary sleep however deep is dangerous. I’ve heard of people who have or induce out-of-body experiences without any sickness or trauma and they do fine and return to their bodies. Yeah, I’ve heard of various exercises where healthy people can have out-of-body experiences, but it’s safe and they return to their bodies. As long as you don’t get hit by a truck or an escaped turkey, I think you’ll be OK.

      1. Oh, speaking of turkeys…I was driving to work the day before Thanksgiving with my son and from a distance I thought I saw a turkey on the side of the road, so I was like “Look, look, to the right a wild turkey!” and as we got closer we realized it was a vulture eating something dead on the side of the road. My son has been teasing me ever since. We saw some vultures flying around in circles up in the sky and he was like “look Mom, a turkey!” hahaha…

    5. Play Baseball in the Cat League where they have 9 lives. But don’t play football because those concussions can scramble the eggs. I think with a protest and petition you could get 11 lives, and a partridge and turkey in a pear tree. Evergreen seems like a nice name for a tree that lives in the forest far away and loves the snow and the echos of life….It is grand without the decorations because it grows and the winter has a pine scent of joy…

      1. I was a really good softball player when I was a kid. Every year I made the all star team as the catcher. I haven’t played in years though…I’d probably be horrible now!
        Yeah, I’ll have to petition for the extra lives, partridge and turkey…well as long as the turkey didn’t really end up being a vulture.

    6. We don’t have any vultures so sometimes I just see dead seagulls and sparrows and I suppose they just lay there until some sanitation workers pick them up. Seems very unnatural. I don’t know, I never thought about it but I don’t suppose even under the best of circumstances that the birds don’t live forever and yet I rarely see them die. I guess when they feel ill they hide and that’s why mostly their bodies are not seen in public.Hmm, they always complain that they never find the bodies of the Yeti,Sasquatch, but now I’m thinking so what, because I rarely find the bodies of seagulls either and I know they’re not mythical..

      1. It does seem rare to find a dead bird. I’ve only found 2 dead ones in my backyard and I’ve been feeding them for years. One was a black bird, I’m assuming a cat got it or something, it was kind of banged up and there was some feathers lying around like there was a struggle. And the other was a dove, it just looked like it was sleeping under the feeder. That kind of worried me, I thought maybe the food had made it sick but none of the other birds seemed to be feeling bad (all my regulars seemed to still be visiting). I read this article in Time magazine that said some birds, like crows, ravens and magpies hold funerals for one another and bring small twigs and stuff to the dead bird. Maybe if a sasquatch dies its loved ones bury it and have a funeral like we do?

    7. Yeah, I was thinking that: the Sasquatch bury their dead. It was so many years when they said there where “monsters” in Africa that they re-named Gorillas. It would be nice if people could just explore without the monstrous debunkers being clowns on the media stage. The data can be examined without such cruelty that the angry ones bring. Oh yeah since the 1830’s(?) we do know that there is such a thing as a gorilla.

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