Oh d…. no mistakes

No mistakes

Oh God, I can make no mistakes at all because I can’t correct them in a normal edit mode. I’m just going to have to be perfect…What a great improvement for this website — I could be perfect…

wow they make it hard to find “advanced settings”. well Ok. it’s way over on an itsy bitsy sidescreen. Yeah, OK, I have remember that when I want to make changes

— Douglas Gilbert

3 thoughts on “Oh d…. no mistakes

  1. That isn’t much of an improvement when they take away the ability to correct mistakes. I still see the switch to classic mode button on mine underneath advanced settings options on the right hand side of the edit screen. But there’s an ‘x’ to the right of it (i suppose to make that option go away) I wonder if maybe your classic mode option got x’ed out somehow? How frustrating though. Maybe you could contact someone and let them know about this issue because you’re probably not the only one frustrated by it…You should be able to edit without losing your color and font…
    But, honestly, I think you already are perfect!

    1. Thanks OK. I see I have to now go to “Advanced settings”. I used to not be so advanced. It’s such an operation to change one letter typo. Holy cowwwwww, So manyy thinggs to fixx wheree it shouldd be easyy to dooo.

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