Halloween Haunts (Draft 2)

Don’t Die On Halloween

Wishing you Happy Halloween though
I am afraid to lose you to the Angel of Death.

I hope all the spirits are benign or
at least gentle in their games. The night
can be a grand costume for the stars
that twinkle with love and some spirits
in the dark are angels so bright to protect
beyond the flashlights we brought to look for monsters.

But this day
I don’t want you to die
even if your ghost would not scare me.

Oh God, let you stay in the flesh
because you have never made me
afraid to love you,
to touch you, and the moon
was never scary at all. Oh no

didn’t we laugh at it
and howl with such joy

that we could be feral
running everywhere that
the moon shines forever.

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “Halloween Haunts (Draft 2)

  1. Oh hell. I tried to edit something and it took out all the formatting. Oh crap.Here we go again — i didn’t see go back to old formatting.

  2. I like the spookiness of Halloween but I don’t want to die yet, so I do hope all the spirits are gentle in their games. I wouldn’t want to lose you to the Angel of Death either. Although I suppose I am glad that you wouldn’t be afraid of my ghost if I were to pass on…but if i did pass on I’m not sure if you could touch me and then I’d probably feel lonesome forever…which would be horrible. I like that some angels help protect beyond the flashlights, I would protect them too if I knew how…

    1. Thanks. Yeah I meant “lose” but the sound confuses me because of the “oooo” sound. But somehow “lose” is pronounced “looz” and loose is “loos”. I was thinking the ooo like in moon. Or snooze. Oh that’s confusing — if there’s snooze and booze, then…maybe it should be “Looze”. Or maybe if something is lost on a bad Tuesday it should be “I don’t want t’tuesibooze you if you’re gonna snooze under the moon in a loose hammock.

      1. gee, I think I need a new dictionary — the phonetic spelling in parenthesis is hard to follow unless you already know how to pronounce it. For someone trying to look it up if they didn’t already know the word wouldn’t have much luck. Oh I think I know what the problem is: an ‘s’ added for a plural has a different sound or maybe not… maybe more like “suh”. No that’s not it. What if you had many friends named Louis. Would it be the many Lou’s or Loozs, or the L-word friend-name clique…

      2. “I don’t want t’tuesibooze you if you’re gonna snooze under the moon in a loose hammock.” (giggling) I kinda like that sentence. I don’t have a hammock to snooze in but you could come hang out and and tuesibooze with me sometime. (big grin)

  3. I’ve always thought that was confusing too. We should file a petition to change the spelling to “Looze” That would be much more logical. I mean, Shoes rhyme with lose but for some reason the ‘e’ and ‘s’ are reversed. We can’t even keep the letter rules straight. I think this is another one of the reasons they say learning English is difficult. That and the fact that words that sound the same can mean completely different things. Like blue and blew and fell and fail….etc…
    Isn’t the rule for things that end in ‘s’ to become plural you just put the apostrophe after it. like Louis’? Or is the apostrophe just to show possession? Geez…it’s been way too long since English class and I think i’ve forgotten the rules, I’m getting cconfused. I need a refresher course.

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