Sometimes I am grand fickleness, because I am not real, although I have a sense that
I’m entertaining and there are things to be learned from the clown.

I’ve grown tired of the Sun, because I don’t want to rise or fall, no not at all;
I just want to be

and if ever I would be loved
I’d feel steady and I’d feel like I could close my eyes
and still feel flashes of love, and like flutters of the butterfly

you’d give me an embrace that would save me
like I could be love in the world with you
not staggering when I am crying, but just
dancing in a conversation that tells all

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “Fickleness

  1. This is lovely. I don’t think you’re entertaining in the same way as a clown. I’ve always listened to your every word seriously, as if it were of grand importance. I just want to ‘be’ too…so don’t be fickle and come be real with me. I think feeling steady in a love that one can trust in would feel magical. Kinda lucky like wishes coming true or the winning the lottery or something. I like the flutters of the butterfly…and a conversation that tells all would be great.

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