She Could Be Queen (Draft 1)

She Could Be Queen (Draft 1)

They’ve made me President of a small island
a dot in the Pacific Ocean, almost a rock

but we rock and roll, and I hoped
for the blue calm and the love rock

but she came to me and said,
“Mr. President I have worries. ”

So I took her into the Palace
and I loved her like a daughter

and she was so safe with me that
she has grown proud and magnificent
and unlike me she is not arrogant at all
and I like that so much, and

if she could be Queen I think
everyone would love her like I do.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “She Could Be Queen (Draft 1)

  1. Mr. President, this is a wonderful and lovely poem, makes me wanna run away and live on that island and forget about all the worries and troubles. Seems it would be easy to feel safe in a palace on an island with love…plus I’m guessing there’s lots of seagulls (and that’s always a good thing).

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