A Day (Draft 2)

The Big Bang (A Day) [Draft 2]

If there’d be a day when
I speak my imagination,
ramble on just because

there might be a gem
in something I say; I’d say
hooray, but

no I can’t get to the point.
There’s something sharp
about wisdom, and I
have a piece of the puzzle

but my chatter disguises it
because I am the least of you

and I have the nub of a love
like when I slice strawberries,
save the sweet part for you
and I eat the funny part
near the green because
I can snatch the green goddess
and when I pinch it off
it doesn’t seem to mind at all.

I love it when
there is a force in the world
that doesn’t mind me too much.

Sometimes I don’t mind the bitter
because there is so much sweetness
and if I can reach the oasis,
so lustfully will I drink, and if
you are there I will
laugh so long that joy
will be an endless bubble,
and if anyone should prick it
I will kiss them like the universe.

If you could love me
I’d share you with everyone
because you are beautiful, and
I love you like a big bang.

If there’d be a day,
I could imagine peace

could imagine us,
a Goddess, and Love, or

as they say,

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “A Day (Draft 2)

  1. I love it! ‘m smiling all big now and feel all warm, of course I could love you, who couldn’t? The Big Bang references and your comment on your other poem make the bubble pop make more sense for me, I don’t know why I didn’t get when you meant before. Sometimes I need things spelled out for me (hehe).
    Love the new ending lines, the ‘whatever’ and “Ha!” made me giggle…

    1. Yeah, I love to hear you laugh, and I think there’s a zone for this where I can shout and the doubts are hilarious in a good way.

      1. I think it would be wonderful to hear your laugh again…
        I had a very emotionally rough Tuesday which led into a “holding it together trying to pretend nothing is wrong” rest of the week…hope your week has been better. Just thought I’d say hello.

    2. I’m sorry you had a rough Tuesday. Thanks that you’d love to hear me laugh. Gee, this is a difficult writing exercise because I first thought to write, “I’m sorry you had a rough Tuesday. Ha!” Oh that would have been so wrong. Wow, all the sarcasm built into all the phrases we use. I think on the news when they are doing light-hearted news and then a dire bulletin comes in they say, “on another subject:…”. But then I don’t know how they handle switching from bad to good. “War has broken out with many killed, and now onto our comedy feature, ha.” No that’s not it. um, think it’s “And now turning to better news, the price of butter is down.”
          And now onto other news, “A reader has requested I say, “Ha-giggle, giggle-ha hi, and another reader says ‘ha’ ” ooops.
          So, hello-ha

      1. Hello-ha – That made me giggle, it is a tough writing exercise. That could’ve came off as not very empathetic ’cause while yes, I would love to hear you laugh, I don’t think I would want to feel like you were laughing at my bad Tuesday. I liked your news reporting. Maybe they should give you a job being a newscaster or writing the stuff that they say. Or maybe they should just give you the news station so you can run it. Although I kinda hate watching the news anymore. It’s never anything good, I just get depressed that so much horrible stuff is happening and no one anywhere seems to know how to stop it, or help it to get better. Butter is always good though…especially softened and spread on warm bread or in cookies…

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