A Day (Draft 1)

A Day

If there’d be a day when
I speak my imagination,
ramble on just because

there might be a gem
in something I say, I’d say
hooray, but

no I can’t get to the point.
There’s something sharp
about wisdom, and I
have a piece of the puzzle

but my chatter disguises it
because I am the least of you

and I have the nub of a love
like when I slice strawberries,
save the sweet part for you
and I eat the funny part
near the green because
I can snatch the green goddess
and when I pinch it off
it doesn’t seem to mind at all.

I love it when
there is a force in the world
that doesn’t mind me too much,

Sometimes I don’t mind the bitter
because there is so much sweetness
and if I can reach the oasis,
so lustfully will I drink, and if
you are there I will
laugh so long that joy
will be an endless bubble,
and if anyone should prick it
I will kiss them like the universe.

— Douglas Gilbert

3 thoughts on “A Day (Draft 1)

  1. I think your chatter is wonderful and I’ve always thought you were very wise. I love strawberries so much – I like that you’d give the sweet part to me. But even the funny part near the green is delicious, especially with a little whipped cream. I like to thinly slice strawberries and put them on small shortbread cakes with whipped cream to make a little strawberry shortcake. My fingernails and toenails are even polished a strawberry color right now. I like that joy would be an endless bubble but I’m not sure I would want someone to prick your bubble of happiness? Am I reading that wrong? I’m tired and out of it a little bit, it’s been a long day…

    1. I think when the bubble of joy explodes it spreads happiness everywhere in the universe because everyone gets to share it. Whereas a bubble is a containment thing that limits things. Sort of like the “big bang” that they say started the universe or at least our little corner of existence. No need to keep love or happiness in an isolation bubble and so if it’s pricked, it can be shared like a positive contagion.

      1. That makes sense. A positive contagion would be a good thing I suppose. I guess I’ve never had so much happiness that I felt like I could hold onto it if my bubble was popped. The idea of having so much happiness that it could spread all over the universe is beautiful, makes me dream…

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