Cheerful News

Cheerful News

Cheerful news: the Earth
is tearing itself apart,
many million dead, but

I have a ticket to Mars and beyond,
know the pilot: she’s bringing
Champagne, grape vines and

she’s having my baby.

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Cheerful News

  1. I think I’m confused on this one? The Earth is tearing itself apart and millions are dead? And someone is pregnant and you are going to be a Dad? Well congrats, I guess that is cheerful news even though I feel lost and a little heartbroken…

  2. It’s the end of the world, that is, the Earth is unlivable and it’s being evacuated by a few people who can fit on a few space ships. The few have to go out into outer space to try to start a new civilization elsewhere. Anyone who stays on Earth dies. In just a few million years the sun will die and give no more heat or light and so all life on Earth will die. I’m putting it on my calendar.Well, before then, other things can happen.

    1. Oh, ok…so you don’t have a baby on the way right now then? It’s odd how sad I felt there for a moment…like I’d lost you – but then that’s silly because really I can’t even call you mine (that’s pretty sad too). I guess I’ll put it on my calender too, though I doubt I’ll be here in a few million years. It sort makes me think of a dream I had a little while ago. I heard a noise and ran out the front door. There was a huge planet in the night sky (it was way bigger than our moon but maybe about as close to us as the moon). There was a space ship up in the sky above the trees across the street and on the other side of the sky a comet/fireball was plummeting towards Earth.

      1. That’s interesting. The TV was on in the background but I wasn’t paying attention but I heard something like they were dismantling some nuclear missiles but then decided to stop because they said they might have to use one to stop a meteor from hitting Earth.

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