Empty Is The Sky

So Empty Is The Sky And I Am Dark

Oh God, who is never around when I need you,
you are absent and irrelevant because you have no power in the real world.

You have no weapons against the evil that I see.
When I call for you, you never come.

You can not ever be seen as benevolent
when pain is so endless.

And this pain is such a hell
that I fear not more,

I just fear that
there has never been love
at all, and

existence is a lie.

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Empty Is The Sky

  1. Geez, this hurts so much. I don’t know why I wrote this, but I think it’s a classic. I think that what’s really bad is really good. I hope so.

  2. Oh damn. I just re-read this and it’s just trivial and silly. I don’t know why I do these stupid things. sometimes I just don’t feel so well. [oh ok, that sounds more like a good song or poem. Well, ok, maybe I can use it]

    1. No, not trivial and silly…definitely not stupid. These kinds of feelings do hurt…it’s hard not to feel abandoned when looking at the state of the world today.

  3. I fear those same things…if there’s never been love then what is the point to anything? I’ve prayed for guidance but there’s never a clear answer. God works in mysterious ways…I guess ways that I may not understand.
    But, if you wanted I could be light for you when you are dark, we could glow into every tomorrow with love…

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