There Can Never Be A Peace (Draft 0)

Peace(Draft 1)

When the love I loved
died in war,

there could never be peace,

there could never be a treaty to
ever soothe me, and don’t

ever tell me any philosophy, because

maybe I will kill you, save for her love
of every child I saw just before

she whispered a wish to me, and
I did not want to promise it, because

I can not forgive anyone at all, even in war
who could kill her, my angel, the
world’s salvation, and
my only love

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “There Can Never Be A Peace (Draft 0)

  1. This is very sad…I’m a little confused though, feel like I’m missing part of the story. Your only love died in war? It’s very mysterious with the wish and a promise you didn’t want to keep. But very sad…

    1. Something like ” promise me you won’t seek revenge and will continue to love…” When she dies there is no kindness to be given to anyone, When she is killed in combat there is no sense to war even if many are saved because I don’t know them. For her, everyone who is enemy must die.

      1. I agree, there is no sense to war. It seems like a never ending cycle of pain and sadness. How can any side claim a victory when so much is lost…

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