Silly Dreams (Draft 1)

Silly Dreams (Draft 1)

Maybe it’s wise, and
maybe it’s not, to

keep my dreams secret,
because I could not stand
to have everyone
laugh at me again

like they always did
in secret, and when
I spoke about it
I was so oblivious, that

I didn’t know that
they mocked me, until

one day I cried so hard
that I washed them
out to sea and oblivion
and they were dead.

I am so cheerful now
that I don’t think
it affected me at all.

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “Silly Dreams (Draft 1)

  1. Oh, well that sucks…yeah, I guess it’s best that I don’t share much of anything anymore. I guess I’ve had to learn the hard way that a lot of people are just plain ugly inside. I’m not sure why either when they have so many beautiful things about themselves they could accentuate but instead they will act hateful, spiteful, mean, jealous, rude etc.
    But it is sad to be alone and to not know if there’s anyone to truly trust…

  2. If you ever wanted to share your dreams with me I wouldn’t laugh or mock you behind your back, you know….
    Because I know how it feels to feel like you’ve cried an entire ocean’s worth of tears and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone…

      1. Yeah, I kinda thought you were relating to what I said in the other post. Oh, that was weird. I started to spell the word ‘post’ as “poast”. Kind of like coast. A coasting post perhaps? Sometimes I misspell easy words like that for some unknown reason. Or every once and a while there’s a word that just looks like it’s spelled wrong even though you know it isn’t. The word sandwich always drives me crazy (ever since I was a little kid) because I want to spell the ‘wich’ part like the word ‘which’. So it’ll be a sandwhich. But thankfully spellchecker always catches that mistake for me…

    1. Well it’s OK because it’s named after the Earl of Sandwich and that’s just the name of a place that’s totally irrationally spelled. I don’t think they even compiled a proper dictionary until the 1700’s and before then they just spelled things anyway they wanted because the majority of people couldn’t read or write or protest spelling…Latin, Greek, Anglo-Saxon, and stuff made the English language nuts.

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