Walking Like a Savage (Draft 2)

Walking Like a Savage (Draft 2)

don’t know whatever
to do with these
poetic dilemmas
along the way

I just want to walk with you

Just want to stroll where
there’s a stream, where
you will laugh, even if
the bear will take its fish,

because he will be
hopeless to his instinct

and as for you
I hope I’m not too savage.

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “Walking Like a Savage (Draft 2)

  1. Poetic dilemmas huh? Well…I don’t think poetry should viewed as a dilemma but as another relationship aspect…quiet, secret-alter-egos communication techniques, maybe? Kind of like Clark Kent and Superman? In any case, this Superwoman thinks a stream-side stroll with you would be absolutely perfect…

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